Discover A World Of Flavour

Case Study


Pringles has been working with Digitas since 2016 to create entertaining digital and social campaigns that truly engage their fans. And it’s working. Their social following continues to grow, with over 24.5 million followers on Facebook – more than any other snack brand in the UK.


Pringles has a wealth of flavours… some great, some a bit weird and some that people have never heard of or tasted before. However Pringles fans tend to stick to what they know and are reluctant to buy new flavours.

The brief

Our brief was to drive the growth of Pringles by building awareness and trial of its great-tasting flavour range via our target audience of social connectors. We wanted to give people who weren’t already fans a reason to reconsider Pringles, and delight existing fans - encouraging them buy more.

Human Insight

The flavour hit of Pringles hitting your tongue for the first time is so intense that it’ll transport you into another world.

Creative Idea

We challenged ourselves to create audio visual worlds that give viewers a ‘Pringles epiphany’ and can actually help them taste each different flavour. The series of laugh-out-loud, socially-optimised videos use a combination of live action footage and animation to transport people into their own, vivid Pringles world; juxtaposed against the real-world, awkward, social consequences of their experience.

The films were seen across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and VOD in six markets; alongside a promotion for people buy more than one flavour in store.

The Results

  • +75% positive social sentiment vs 1% negative social sentiment
  • 41m views across 6 social films
  • 260m impressions
  • 0.03 CPCV vs 0.06 KPI