Crunchy Nut

Evening Snacking

Case Study


In a category that is in double digit decline, how do you get great-tasting cereal like Crunchy Nut into the audience’s routine outside of breakfast time?

The brief

Although Crunchy Nut is still perceived as the ultimate tasty cereal, Crunchy Nut consumers, or ‘taste seekers’, long for new experiences. Because of this, and the increased availability of tasty breakfast options in the UK, Crunchy Nut portions are getting smaller.

While the TV campaign would focus on the Crunchy Nut core range (flakes), there was a clear need to increase awareness of the non-flakes part of the Crunchy Nut portfolio (i.e. clusters and granola), and promote consumption of the cereal outside of breakfast time.

Human Insight

Let’s face it...eating cereal, especially Crunchy Nut, after dark is something we already do! Who doesn’t love a bowl of cereal after a long day at the office? Whether it’s a late-night snack just before bed, something to munch on during a movie or the saving grace after a rather messy night out, we’ve all been there.

Creative Idea


#NotJustForBreakfast is a campaign created to expose the different snacking behaviours of people across UK through a series of fun, comedic, social films; each focusing on a different, relatable snacking archetype. From the noisy eater who needs to mute their munching (we all know a few of those), to those who hate to share (yes, that’s you).

We encouraged people at home to identify themselves, their mates and even their mum by tagging them in the videos. We also armed our Community Manager with a catalogue of gifs to continue the conversation and stoke participation and sharing. We joined in conversations already happening with insight and data-driven reactive content. And finally, we tapped into targeted fan groups by challenging influencers to take part and keep the conversation going.

The Results

  • 563,570 social engagements
  • 90% positive sentiment vs 1% negative
  • 2,434,362 completed views on Facebook and Instagram vs the KPI of 1,631,204
  • 3,100,807 completed views on YouTube vs the KPI of 1,597,366
  • A total of 14,566,987 completed views online